Lowering cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol on a low carb diet
• Avoid bulletproof coffee.
• Eat only when hungry and do intermittent fasting.
• Eat foods high in unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats ( olive oil, fatty fish, avocadoes.)
• Avoid eating trans and hydrogenated fats.
• Eat LDL lowering foods—for example, avocados, green vegetables, cocoa and dark (85%) chocolate, nuts and seeds.
• Eating K2 (liver, eggs, grass-fed dairy, chicken).
• If your carbs are low—eat more.
• Eat soluble fibre—feeds ‘good’ bacteria which reduce LDL and VLDL—5gm psyllium husks.
• Also, beans, peas, fruit, oats, wholegrains.
• Exercise—combined cardio and resistance reduces harmful oxidised LDL. For instance: 20 overweight women exercised 3 times a week for 15 minutes each of walking, jumping jacks, resistance band training, and low intensity dancing.
• Walking will increase HDL.
• Review of 13 studies: 30 minutes of activity 5 times a week will reduce LDL.
• Activity which elevates heart-rate to max increases HDL and reduces LDL—the longer the duration of exercise the better
• Lose weight! Decreases LDL, increases HDL.
• Don’t smoke—it changes how the body handles cholesterol; immune cells in smokers are unable to return cholesterol from vessel walls to the blood for transport to liver. (Related to tobacco, not nicotine.)
• Drink alcohol in moderation—white wine increased HDL in a study! Compared to drinking white grape juice. Alcohol in moderation also helps with removing cholesterol from blood and blood-vessel walls