About me

As a clinical professional, I have been advising individuals and families on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle for many years. My advice is based upon long experience, familiarity with the latest nutritional research, and continual assessment of the evidence base for weight-control programmes.

I am registered both as a nurse and as a public health nurse in Ireland, and I have worked in England as a nurse, as a district nurse, and as a health visitor. I have practised, and managed, a variety of family, child, and school clinical services. Additionally, I have a BA (Hons) from University College London and an MSc in health policy from the University of Bristol. I have also completed training courses in nutrition from Monash University, and in exercise from Trinity College Dublin. I am a certified Precision Nutrition nutrition and fitness coach.

I am based in south-west Ireland, and frequently visit England. I can also, depending on requirements, provide consultations by video call or email.