The programmes

One-to-one programmes
You will have an initial assessment session, exploring your current lifestyle, identifying areas which you would like to change, and gently introducing some ideas which will start you on the road to your objectives. Then, typically, you will have a series of six further sessions to review your progress and develop a programme which will meet your needs — a practical, achievable programme which will fit in with the demands of your lifestyle. You are also welcome to have ongoing individual support sessions if you feel it would help.

Support groups
For those who have completed a programme of individual sessions, there are optional groups at which to discuss experiences and programmes together in a supportive, non-judgemental context.

The six-week course

For those who do not want a personalised programme, I offer a six-week group course on lifestyle, weight loss, exercise, and healthy habits:

1: Getting started: your journey towards sustainable weight loss.

2: Exercise and movement.

3: Are you mostly bacteria? and the role of antibiotics.

4: What to eat, how much, and when.

5: The pleasures of food, drink and idleness. And how they are out to get us.

6: Keeping it off!

Talks and seminars
I am also available for one-off talks, seminars, and group coaching sessions, including
  • Shift work and shifting weight:avoiding the perils of irregular work patterns