The approach

It’s about your life, your lifestyle…

I will work with you individually and confidentially, establishing what you want to achieve, whether it’s a healthier pattern of eating, the short-term loss of a little bit of weight for some special occasion, a more sustained and long-term weight reduction to improve your general health, or a more active lifestyle.

There won’t be any pressure to conform to a standard programme or arbitrary targets. Nor will there be any attempt to sell you food supplements, diet pills, or nutritional gimmicks.

Instead, I'll listen to your hopes and expectations, your wants and needs, and I'll take into account the constraints on your daily life and the habits (good and bad) which affect your health and weight. I will assess the best way to help you adapt your lifestyle and habits to achieve the improvements you are looking for. And I will support you as you begin to change the things you want to change.